Ukraine Crisis

Current situation, February 2024

We believe that in total roughly 150 families relocated to the Sevenoaks district due to the crisis. We have a direct relationship with 30-40% of these families, so this update applies mainly to those although we believe our assumptions are also true in general. 

Due to the circumstances of the war, no new families have arrived in our area since December 2022, and no more are currently expected. This is all, of course, on the assumption that the situation in Ukraine does not revert to the way things were at the beginning of the war. Should the situation deteriorate, God forbid, then we would expect a further influx of refugees. We are therefore, at present, no longer looking for people to host Ukrainian families.

Of the 60 or so SWR families (most but not all in Sevenoaks District) about a third have returned to Ukraine or left the district; a third are remaining with their hosts indefinitely and a third are now in rental accommodation or will be so in the next few months. 

This has been an amazing achievement, of which we collectively can be very proud. Without the resources of SWR (money especially, but also influence and people) this simply would not have happened and many vulnerable people would have become massively more vulnerable. Under our collective care they are safe and secure. Their appreciation for what SWR and our partners have done is unbounded. 

There are two families who will need rental accommodation in the next few months. Whilst we hope that this can be found through the usual channels, we’d love to hear about any available properties which you might know of. 

Happily, every Ukrainian who needs a job has found one. These range (normally according to the level of English) from cleaning and hospitality right through to project management. Most families also receive some form of benefit, normally Universal Credit, Child Benefit, Housing Benefit or Pension Credits. Again SWR has been instrumental in helping them navigate the complicated benefits system. Families generally now have all they need in terms of household items etc. 

Almost without exception, however, families still need a lot of day to day support. Most do not have cars and most do not have sufficient English to navigate hospital appointments, banks, utilities etc. without help. The support for this in SWR has tended to fall on a very few volunteers. We would love to get some more help here so, if you are able to offer some time, we would be really  grateful. Please contact

We are delighted that with your wonderful donations we have been able to make a significant financial contribution to the resettlement needs of the families from Ukraine. We are well over the hump now but there will be more to come: your donations are critical to the ongoing success.