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سيفن أوكس ترحب باللاجئين Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees هي منظمة خيرية محلية تم تشكيلها في عام 2017 للمساعدة في دعم اللاجئين من سوريا الذين أعيد توطينهم في منطقة سيفن أوكس Sevenoaks، كجزء من برنامج إعادة توطين الأشخاص السوريين المستضعفين (SVPRS) التابع لحكومة المملكة المتحدة. وقد تطور هذا البرنامج الآن إلى خطــة الحكومة العالمية لإعادة التوطين في المملكة المتحدة.

نحن منظمة صغيرة ومتنامية ، مع حوالي 100 متطوع نشط. نحن ندعم حاليًا إعادة توطين 4 عائلات سورية لاجئة في منطقة سيفينوكس ، ونأمل في العثور على سكن لمزيد من العائلات هذا العام.

Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees is a local charity formed in 2017 to help support refugees from Syria resettling in the Sevenoaks district, as part of the UK Government's Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (SVPRS). That scheme has now evolved into the Government's global UK Resettlement Scheme.

We are a small and growing organisation, with about 100 active volunteers. We are currently supporting the resettlement of 4 Syrian refugee families in the Sevenoaks district area, and are hoping to find accommodation for further families this year.

We work in close partnership with Sevenoaks District Council, Kent County Council and the support agency Clarion Housing Association, who are commissioned by KCC. We provide local practical support to refugee families in our area and find private landlords willing to take part in the government-funded rent payment scheme. Our Constitution document is here.

These families are part of the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (SVPRS). This scheme involves particularly vulnerable refugees coming directly from the Middle East to resettle in the UK. In late 2019 the government announced that the SVPRS is ending, and it is amalgamating all its refugee resettlement programmes into one, called the global UK Resettlement Scheme, to continue beyond 2020. Refugees resettled under this scheme can be drawn from anywhere in the world, and participating councils can request refugees from cultural backgrounds they are best placed to support.

For more information about refugees visit UNHCR and the UK’s Refugee Council.

A collection of traditional, home-cooked recipes have been incorporated into a book by the refugee families with the help of pupils and teachers from Sevenoaks School. For more information click here.


Our first annual Accounts and Annual Report are for the year 2019/20. The Accounts are here, and the Annual Report is here.

Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees has a safeguarding policy in order to protect the wellbeing of the refugees and volunteers within its community. Further details can be found here.


My professional background is as a teacher, but early on I qualified to teach blind and partially sighted children. I spent the largest proportion of my career in senior roles at a charity for blind and partially sighted children, young people and their families. I was the headteacher at a school for blind children, and also the principal of the charity’s College of Further Education. I was also responsible for setting up a variety of other services, including a Family Support Service.

All of my roles included much work and negotiation with Local Authorities and other voluntary organisations and being involved with government departments regarding education and disability policy. For most of my time I was the Safeguarding lead for the organisation which included delivering training to staff, writing and revising policies and being responsible for the implementation, monitoring, reporting, referring and, when necessary being involved with statutory services.

I have been a volunteer with SWR for 18 months, supporting as part of 2 family teams.

I worked for 35 years in the energy industry initially in Logistics and subsequently in IT. My skill-set is mainly around delivering complex systems change programmes. This breaks down into managing suppliers; managing internal and external stakeholders; managing budgets; testing and implementation. Typically I was responsible for an annual spend of around £30m. I was also responsible for setting-up extensive off-shoring services in India and in South Africa.

I have been a volunteer with SWR for 18 months. I am the family lead for one of the families and have a strong relationship with the other three families too. I also work with Migrant Help and Clarion with refugee families in other parts of Kent, especially Swale and Tonbridge.

My background is in finance, most recently in the fund management area where I was a co-founder and director of a specialist investment management firm, responsible for general management, distribution and finance. I have held various management positions within the investment banking area and was a partner in a stock broking firm in Johannesburg.

Other community/volunteer work I have been involved in includes the Sevenoaks Bicycle Users Group, a food distribution charity in Zurich and a charity in Tanzania, aiding underprivileged children to attend secondary school.

I am a retired Head Teacher having completed over 30 years working in the education sector both here in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. My specialisation was working with and supporting young people with mental health and behavioural difficulties. I am fully trained in Child Protection and Safeguarding.

I have over the past few years volunteered with the homeless charity Crisis and helped out in their Day Centres over the Christmas period here in London. I joined SWR just over two years ago to help out with the English Language sessions, which I now coordinate as a Trustee alongside my wife Jeanette Nunn.

I qualified as an accountant in 1980 at Unilever, for whom I worked for 17 years in the UK and abroad. I subsequently worked for Lloyds TSB, the NHS, and DEFRA and retired from the role of Head of Financial Accounting for the Department of Energy and Climate Change in 2015.

I am also involved in several other charities including Empathy Action, Safe Passage, Future Men and Action for Happiness, working in both finance and non-finance roles.

I worked for Lloyds Bank for 36 years, mainly working within the branch network. However I finished my time managing the bank’s intranet team within IT.

Since leaving I have taken on several part time roles including taxi driving and administration of the Vine Evangelical Church. I am also involved with the work of Age UK and am a trustee of two other charities, Vine Evangelical Church and Sevenoaks area youth trust. I think I offer a wide level of operational experience from the other trusteeships and my time as administrator at Vine Evangelical Church.

I am a retired Relationship banker whose career spanned the UK, Australia and New Zealand. I manage a site owned by the banks Sports’ and Social club as well as being the database administrator for the Pension committee of ANZ Bank.

I joined SWR just over 18 months ago and recently became a trustee. I coordinate the English Language sessions alongside my husband David Hinks. I am involved in the charities Silver Coast Volunteers as well as Banco Alimentar, an organisation that coordinates a food bank initiative among other things.

Sevenoaks has been my home town since 1986. I am involved in several organisations in the local community. My background is in print publishing, and my main skills are editing, proofreading and writing.

Since 2001, I have worked on publications ranging from newspapers and magazines to calendars and books. In my spare time, I enjoy reading as well as listening to and making music.

My background is in marketing and communications, with a series of roles in the social enterprise, private and government sectors. I also worked for Oxfam in Africa for 3 years managing aid programmes in Sudan and Somaliland, and for one year in a fundraising role at Oxfam’s head office in Oxford. I have experience in leading teams and projects as an Army officer, a director and as a senior civil servant. I am also a trustee of The Lord Deedes of Aldington Charitable Trust.

I retired in May 2019 after many years working for the Foreign Office. During that time I have undertaken a wide range of roles and served in overseas posts ranging from the extremes of Bangladesh, East Berlin and Paris while maintaining our home in Sevenoaks.

Most of my overseas postings have involved some level of support to local charities. In Bulgaria, I assisted local charities to find support from U.K organisations e.g. to support orphanages, and street children in Bulgaria. In recent years I have visited the Middle East on numerous occasions and can appreciate the challenges faced by the families from Syria.


Thank you!

Many, many thanks to the pupils and teachers at Sevenoaks School who have led the development of this website as part of their service programme; to SWR volunteer Sam who has been outstandingly helpful; and to everyone else who has contributed comments, material and assistance. Please let us know if you have web and other digital skills and would like to get involved as a volunteer.