Our Cookbook

A Taste of Home

Our fundraiser Syrian cookbook contains 27 delicious, authentic recipes from Syria. The recipes are traditional home-cooking meals from the refugee families who have produced the cookbook together alongside pupils and teachers from Sevenoaks School.

The funds raised will enable Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees to make more grants to refugee families to assist in their long-term resettlement in our area, and to improve their quality of life. From clothes and children’s swimming lessons, to laptops, professional accountancy exams and English language books. These small grants are helping all the families thrive in a new country.

Price £10.00

The cookbook can be purchased at 3 local stores:

The Chocolate Shop, COOK Sevenoaks and DENIZ Whole Good Food.

If you own a shop and would like to stock our fundraiser Syrian cookbook, please contact us at sevenoakswelcomesrefugees@gmail.com

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